E-TECH: Hybrid technology designed for everyone

Without ever having to be plugged in, the E-Tech Hybrid technology combines electric know-how with Renault F1’s expertise in energy management.

E-TECH: discover the hybrid by Renault

Clio E-TECH - driving
Experience the joy of driving a hybrid
From starting in EV mode, the Clio hybrid will have you falling for its driving pleasure and efficiency. The electric motor and petrol engine combine for improved torque and lower fuel consumption, with the hybrid also having the ability to enter a fully electric driving mode for up to 2 miles.
Clio E-TECH - consumption
Reduce your consumption by 40%
Reduce your consumption in the city by up to 40% compared to a fuel-powered vehicle. Through regenerative braking, our E-Tech engine is equipped with electric technology that allows you to maximise your fully electric driving. Braking and decelerating recover energy, so you can enjoy the benefits of driving a hybrid for even longer while minimising your need to fill up at the pumps!
Clio E-TECH - hybrid technology
Enjoy hybrid technology on our star models
Discover hybrid without compromises! Our E-Tech engine is available on our iconic models, so you can benefit from optimised electric driving without compromising on the design or power of your favourite models.

E-TECH Hybrid technology: how does it work?

Hybrid: balance between electric and combustion.
E-Tech is the innovative and exclusive technology of Renault. Protected by 150 patents, it was developed in collaboration with the Renault F1 teams, and draws on our expertise in electric vehicles.

The E-Tech Hybrid drive system combines a combustion engine, two electric engines and a battery. Equipped with an automatic gearbox, our hybrid vehicles are efficient and smart in terms of energy management. Drive even greater distances in full electric mode!

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Discover your favourite models in a rechargeable hybrid version.
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