Everything you need to know to purchase a Renault electric vehicle

From reduced maintenance costs to a free home wallbox, find all the information you need before purchasing your new electric vehicle.

Why purchase a Renault electric vehicle?

A Zero Emissions car
Reduce local air pollution and save money with a Renault Electric Vehicle.

In addition to producing zero emissions whilst driving, your Renault electric vehicle also reduces noise pollution, making our cities a much more pleasant environment to live and work in.

Renault electric vehicles also benefit from an 8-year battery warranty and 5-year vehicle warranty, giving drivers peace of mind.

What advantages does an electric vehicle offer in terms of maintenance?

Reduced maintenance costs
As an electric car has hundreds of fewer mechanical parts, servicing an electric vehicle is more simple and affordable compared to a fuel-powered one.

No oil changes, new clutches or spark plugs are required, and drivers also benefit from less frequent brake pad changes due to the regenerative braking taking the strain off the wheel brakes.

Your questions about Renault E-Tech contracts

Is the emergency assistance coverage free?
A vehicle with everything included!
Yes, if you drive an electric vehicle, everything is included.

Comprehensive breakdown assistance is included in the warranty. For the duration of your battery lease, you are covered if your battery runs out of charge. 
Are special E-Tech insurance contracts available?
100% electric contracts
The vast majority of insurance companies now offer special electric vehicle cover.

E-Tech Renault insurance contracts are perfectly suited to your electric vehicle and specifically cover battery damage.     

NEDC and WLTP? What is the certified driving range?

A series of mandatory tests
These certification protocols are performed in laboratory settings based on standardised driving cycles (duration, speed, equipment, temperature, etc.) to measure the consumption and driving range of electric vehicles. 

Prior to September 2017, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) protocol was in effect. It has since been replaced by the WLTP protocol.

WLTP is more representative than NEDC. Its results are much closer to what you experience during your everyday journeys. It takes into consideration the type of vehicle, equipment and selected options. 

In practical terms, driving range and consumption measured under the WLTP protocol more closely reflect actual usage compared to those measured with NEDC, and without any impact on the vehicle’s performance and consumption!     

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