Drive electric with Renault

The Renault Zero Emissions range of electric vehicles combines environmental responsibility with driving pleasure.

Renault Bermuda
Starting from  

TCD Class:  A
Renault Bermuda
New Zoe
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TCD Class:  E

Engine:  100kW
Renault Bermuda
Kangoo E-Tech Electric
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TCD Class:  IN

Engine:  33kWh
A large choice of electric vehicles

A zero emissions minivan for deliveries or an electric 2-seater car for an environmentally-friendly shopping trips. Our electric vehicles are reinventing urban mobility to meet the expectations of private and business customers. City cars, trucks, quadricycles, vans, etc. Choose the Renault electric model designed for you.

Improve your journeys with our electric vehicles

Smooth and quiet driving, zero emissions, powerful acceleration, no gears to change... Optimise the quality of your journeys and discover real driving pleasure thanks to our cutting edge electric vehicles. Take a step into the future and discover a new way of experiencing driving with Renault.

Discover our Renault electric connected services

Who said driving an electric vehicle was complicated? Stay connected and plan your zero-emission journey with ease! With numerous charging points available in car parks, shopping centres, at your workplace and at home! Find your nearest charging point and enjoy the many solutions to charge your electric car.
Ready to get behind the wheel of Electric Vehicles?