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Storage volume (dm3)
Boot volume31
Left storage tray volume3.5
Right storage tray volume5


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Fully electric, fully fun, zero emissions: Twizy re-invents your perception of the town.     
boost your autonomy The autonomy of your Twizy
Even more autonomy by adopting simple habits is possible!
Up to 100 km* of driving range
Like fuel consumption in a fuel-powered vehicle, the driving range of Twizy depends on four variables:
- the physical geography of the route
- your speed: type of route (motorway, highway, town etc.)
- the exterior temperature with the use of air conditioning or heating
- your driving style: sporty, soft or eco-driving.

Under normal driving conditions, you have a real driving range of between 50 and 80 km. If you acquire some simple eco-driving habits, your driving range can reach about 80 km in an urban environment. Drive calmly, anticipate your stops by lifting the foot off the accelerator and you will soon see your driving range increase on the onboard computer. Excessive speed and strong accelerations will have the opposite effect but you will still have a driving range of about 55 km.
*Certified driving range of 100 km, certified by independent organisation UTAC.
Fuel type
Gearbox typeAutomatic     
0-62mph     N/A
CO2 (g/km) WLTP     0
All Electric Range     31-56
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