Renault Symbioz Concept

Discover a new take on the future. A connected future where the boundaries between vehicle and living space are blurred.
Symbioz Concept A new form of freedom
Renault Symbioz Concept makes the concept of a mobile home a reality. The multi-use cabin allows you to enjoy a new experience with your vehicle that is now at the heart of an ecosystem based around you.
The comforts of home in a car
With Symbioz Concept, your car is no longer separate from your living space. It has been designed as a genuine extension to your home.

Shapes, colours, materials, features... Everything is designed so that you feel like you never leave your lounge while on the move. And when at home, your car becomes an additional room for your house. The welcoming interior and digital features are always at your disposal.

Symbioz Concept

An autonomous and connected electric future

A cocoon of comfort, Symbioz takes the lead and takes you where you need to go with total peace of mind.
Renault Symbioz
Self-driving in a mobile lounge
Thanks to its various self-driving modes, there's no more need for manual driving with Symbioz... The option is there—if you’re ready for it. In lounge mode, the front seats swivel 180° to offer you a brand new driving experience. If you couldn't see the landscape sweeping past through the glass sunroof, you wouldn't even realise you were on the road.
Renault Symbioz
A fully connected ecosystem
Symbioz pushes connectivity and home automation to the next level. Your home charges your car automatically and your car is able to cover your home's electricity needs. This interconnectivity allows car and home to recognise each other and anticipate their reciprocal needs. With Symbioz, you can evolve in a digital ecosystem without any space restrictions, dedicated to making life easier.

Inside Symbioz Concept

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