Renault Megane eVISION Showcar

Design, dynamic performance, driving range: Megane eVISION showcar heralds a new generation of Renault electric vehicles.

Megane eVISION Showcar promises breakthroughs in performance

Megane eVISION Showcar

Suitable for any use, an electric vehicle that breaks all the rules

Megane eVISION showcar pushes the boundaries of what an electric car can be. Equipped with the latest technologies, its CMF-EV platform paves the way to the performance of the future.
Megane eVISION Concept is equipped with a futuristic electric platform...
Pioneer of electric vehicles, Renault goes even further with the release of the CMF-EV (Common Module Family and Electric Vehicles) platform. 

This new electric modular platform primarily focuses on breakthroughs, emotions and performance. Featuring a multitude of improvements and innovations, it pushes boundaries and sets the bar higher in terms of energy efficiency. 
... for enhanced performance ...
Megane eVISION showcar goes against conventional rules! Its size makes city driving a piece of cake. It offers passengers cabin space and usage capacity on par with C-segment vehicles, which are usually 15 to 30 cm longer. 

Renault’s future electric vehicles will feature the new CMF-EV platform so that they can be more modular and spacious without needing extra height or length.
... and an outstanding driving range.
Megane eVISION showcar achieves an impressive new feat - It is equipped with a battery that gives it the power of a saloon while keeping its compact dimensions. With this step, it breaks away from traditional categories and overcomes the barriers that prevented a transition to electric. 

What’s its secret? An ultra-thin 60 kWh battery. The car sits closer to the ground and is more aerodynamic. This significantly reduces its electric consumption and widens its driving range.

Proportions of a modern, dynamic berline

Megane eVISION showcar embodies an evolution in Renault design. Passion, outstanding engineering and aerodynamics work together in its new proportions and striking features.     
Megane eVISION showcar Renault
The car’s profile is recognisable from afar. Its curious lighting signature supported by LINVINGTECH technological innovations. As you get closer, the car’s surfaces emerge and its new lighting features bring its contours to life.
Megane eVISION showcar Renault
Outstanding engineering
Every detail of Megane eVISION showcar is a reminder of the technological and electric innovations it contains. Glimpse the spirit of Renault’s next generation electric cars with its “smooth surface” or “flush” inspiration. This concept is enhanced by choosing to use retractable door handles that sit flush against the door until needed. 
Megane eVISION showcar Renault
Based on the Morphoz Concept, Megane eVISION showcar is equipped with large wheels. To create greater efficiency, they are closed in as much as possible on the outside, and aligned closer with the body to strengthen the car’s aerodynamic lines.

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