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Renault Concept Cars

Megane eVISION Concept
Renault Morphoz car
Morphoz Concept
The future of shared electric mobility.
Renault Kangoo Z.E. car
Kangoo Z.E. Concept
Urban and electric show-car.
Renault EZ ULTIMO Concept car
A premium mobility experience.
Renault EX-GO Concept car
EZ-GO Concept
The future of urban mobility.
Renault EZ-PRO car
EZ-PRO Concept
The future of urban delivery.
Renault Zoe E-Sport Concept car
100% electric, 100% sporty.
Renault Kwid Concept car
Symbioz Concept
An autonomous and connected electric future.  
Renault R-Space Concept car
R.S. 2027 Vision
The future of Renault Sport is now being written.
Renault Trezor Concept car
The future in an electric GT.
Renault R-Space Concept car
R-Space Concept
A people carrier with personality.     
Renault Initiale Paris Concept car
Initiale Paris Concept
French luxury.     
Renault Dezir Concept car
Dezir Concept
The sensual and lively sports coupé.    
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A vibrant design
True to our values of proximity and practical innovation for all, our design strategy aims to put emotion centre stage, through simple, sensual and warm styling.

Initially found in a range of concept cars, this shapely style has gradually been deployed in all of the recent models from our range, since 2012.

Laurens van den Acker, Industrial Design Director: "We now have a consistent range across the board, with each model retaining its own distinct personality. And that's just the start!" 

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